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Director, National Secretariat for Public Policy, Government of the Republic of Serbia
Jasna Atanasijević, born in 1979, obtained her Master degree in finance from the University Toulouse 1 in 2003 and her PhD in applied economics from University Paris 1 Sorbonne in 2013. She is Assistant professor in finance and mathematical introduction to economics at the Department of Mathematics and Informatics of the Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad. She is director of Public policy secretariat of the Government of Serbia, since its establishment in 2014 as an institution in charge of the reform of policy making in the public administration (introducing result based management and best practice in evidence based policy making). She previously worked as chief economist in a bank and researcher in a think tank as well as a consultant in the area of finance and economic policy topics.

As one of designers of the reform of policymaking, she took part in preparation of the regulation on policy planning in Serbia and introduction of new governance practices within public administration. She also participated in preparation and monitoring of the implementation of several important strategies and programs adopted by the Government of Serbia, mainly in the area of competitiveness, including the Economic reform program. On behalf of the beneficiary institution, as director of Public policy secretariat, she managed the implementation of several large international development projects including IPA, World Bank loan and few bilateral projects.

Her research interest was focused in the field of financial integration, economic transition and applied research in the area of development policy using methods for micro-level data analysis. She is an author of several studies and reports in applied economics, some of them published in journals such as Comparative Economic Studies Journal and Eastern European Economics Journal.  She was an editor in several publications in the field of economics. Since December 2015, she is presidency member of the Serbian Association of Economists. She speaks English and French, and has basic knowledge of Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Russian and German.