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CONIĆ Branka
Director, New Moment
Branka Conić is a leading communications and PR expert. She is the director of New Moment PR Agency, the most awarded agency in the SEE region and Serbia’s 2017 Best PR Agency. Mrs. Conić has created, developed, and successfully implemented hundreds of international and regional communication projects, many of which were awarded (ICCO Global Award, UEPS, Serbian Public Relations Association Awards, VIRTUS CSR Awards, etc.).
Strongly dedicated to the preservation of Serbian national cultural heritage, she co-founded the Museum of Serbian Art, History and Diplomacy – House of Jevrem Grujić.
She is a board member of the Serbian Public Relations Association.
She is a guest lecturer at the Faculty of Media and Communications and coauthor of best selling book on human behavior.  She holds an MA in psychology from the University of Belgrade.