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DRECUN Aleksandra
President, Intersection
Aleksandra Drecun, JD, MPA, is the President of Intersection, the President of Harvard Club of Serbia, the Board Director of the European Science Engagement Association and the member of European Commission DG for Research and Innovation Program Committees for "Strategic Configuration of Horizon 2020, with Science with and for Society" and "Europe in a changing world”. She is a consultant to the World Bank, UN and Council of Europe on public policy, capital investments, responsible research and innovation, research funding, gender and Open Science, and participates in Horizon 2020, COST, Creative Europe, Tempus and Comenius projects. Drecun is engaged in international research collaboration with the U.S. National Science Foundation, is a peer reviewer for EC and Science Foundation Ireland, and Board member of NUCLEUS (New Understanding of Communication, Learning and Engagement in Universities and Scientific Institutions).

Aleksandra was the founding Director of the Center for the Promotion of Science (2010-2013), Special Advisor at the Gov. of Serbia for the National Investment Plan (2007-2009) and Secretary General to the President of Serbia (2004-2006). In the Gov. of PM Zoran Djindjić she was the Secretary General at the Ministry of Finance and Economy and member of Serbian delegation for the Dialogue with the EU (2001-2003). She was in the "Transition Group”, established by Z. Djindjić to support democratic transition and the Team of Prof. Dragoslav Avramović (1998-2000). She passed the Bar Exam (1992), was partner at the Drecun Law Firm, and lectured at Belgrade University Law School and Police Academy (1995-2007). Drecun was on the Board of Junior Achievement and NALED (2008-2010) and the President of the Managing Board of Belgrade Philharmonic (2006-2010). She is the founding member of the Women's Government of Serbia.

Drecun graduated at the Law School University of Belgrade and holds Masters degree from Harvard University, J. F. Kennedy School of Government.