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GRUJIĆ Branislav
President, PSP Farman
Mr Grujić , mechanical engineer, born in 1961 in Belgrade , is co-owner  and co-president of PSP-Farman Holding , one of the five leading companies in construction and development , in Moscow and Moscow region. Psp – Farman Holding is company that is engaged in design, development, construction and equipping of facilities. Through a network of representative offices and subsidiary companies, the PSP-Farman Holding operates in the territory of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine, Belgium, Italy and Serbia. With over 3000 employees, the company has so far built over 2,000,000 square meters of factory, office, commercial, residential and recreational sports facilities.
In Serbia, the PSP-Farman Holding owns a large portfolio of properties while the construction of two major projects,  WEST 65 and Cortyard by Marriott hotel. The  company has a team of leading experts in property as well as the export and sale of wood products.
After completing primary and secondary education in Germany and Serbia, after graduating in mechanical engineering, at  University of Belgrade and graduate studies in Karlsruhe, Germany, Mr. Grujic spent some time dealing with science and achieved significant success as an assistant professor of theoretical mechanics at Belgrade University in his early days. His  further educational  development continued  by participating in conferences in Serbia and abroad, as well as working on numerous commercial projects. 
A few years later, in 1992 Mr. Grujic  became director of the Department of Engineering at "Jugodrvo" and remained in that position until 1994 when he decided to leave Yugoslavia due to the disintegration of the state. He went to Russia and started building his own  business. 
Mr. Grujic is fluent in German, English, Russian and Italian. He is active in various fields of sports and humanitarian work. In his youth he was professionally involved in basketball and was part of the  "Belgrade " basketball  team.
In May 2010 he  was elected president of the Serbian Business Club "Businessman", and after the expiry of the term in late 2012 he  was not running again. He is Co-chairman of the intergovernmental organization "Russian-Serbian Business Dialogue" (RSBD) and a member of the Serbian Association of Corporate Directors. Also he is President of the Serbian Business Council Russia-Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Vice President of the National Council for the economic recovery under  the Serbian Government.
He has received numerous awards for professional achievements including several 'Manager of the Year "title in Serbia and Central and Eastern Europe. In 2012  he took the title of  "The Best European" in the economy.
Mr. Grujic is married and father of three sons .