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KOSTIĆ Miodrag
President, MK Group
Miodrag Kostić, the president of MK Group, was born on August 25th, 1959. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the Department of Information Technology in 1983.

With 34 years long experience, heis one of the top businesspeople in Southeastern Europe, chairing MK Group, one of the largest vertically integrated agricultural corporations in Europe.Although very often referred to as an expert in various industries, his main business activities are actually focused on agriculture, sugar production, meat industry, banking and tourism, and those are the fields where he will continue to expand his business. Back in 1983, he founded MK Commerce (afterwards renamed to MK Group), a company for production and export of crops from Serbia.

Today, Miodrag Kostić is President of MK Group, a system consisting of 40 affiliated companies and employing more than 7,000 people in Serbia and the Balkans region. Also, as President of the Management Board of AIK Bank, former President of the Serbian Business Club “PRIVREDNIK”, which gathers 40 most successful entrepreneurs in Serbia. He is also a member of a numerous local and international business associations such as AmCham, British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Serbian - Italian Business Council, Swiss- Serbian Business Association, Serbian Association of Managers (SAM), National Alliancefor Local Economic Development (NALED), etc.

Miodrag Kostić has been a speaker on numerous domestic and international conferences. such as EBRD Annual Meeting (Kazablanka in 2011, Istanbul in 2013), Summit 100 (Montenegro in 2013, Croatia in 2014), FMCG, Retail and Agribusiness arena 2014 (Dubrovnik in 2014), Climate Change and Green Economy (Belgrade in 2014), London Stock Exchange CIS & CEE Investor Conference (London in 2015).

Mr. Kostić constantly makes balance between business, economic growth and development on one hand and being a “great citizen” that contributes to the local community on the other. He received awards such as “Business Personality of the Year”, “The Most Successful Person”, “The Most Successful Entrepreneur”, etc. In 2015. the international organization SOS Children's Village presented Miodrag Kostić with a badge of honor in gratitude for the longstanding support and contribution to accomplishing the mission whose goal is "Loving home for every child".