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Minister of Finance, Government of the Republic of Serbia
Dušan Vujović is Minister of Finance, the Republic of Serbia, since August 2014. He was Minister of Economy from theappointment of new Government in April 2014 through July 2014. Dr Vujović is a Professor at FEFA (Faculty of Economics, Finance and Administration), Belgrade and affiliate MOC faculty member of the institute for Strategy and Competitiveness of the Harvard Business School, USA. He was a World Bank consultant in theareas of R&D for innovation, macroeconomic policy, fiscal and governance reform, and a USAID consultanton budget and fiscal reform. He was a research fellow at CASE Institute, Warsaw. Dr Vujovic past career includes various positions at the World Bank, such as Country Manager for Ukraine, and Co-Director of the Joint Vienna Comprehensive program for government officials from the transition economies, Lead Economistin the World Bank ECA region and in the Independent Evaluation Group. He authored and co-authored anumber of publications on macroeconomic policy, development, and institutional reform and transition issues published as papers in international and domestic journals, and chapters in books published by The WorldBank, Oxford University Press, North Holland, Edward Elgar, etc.