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Minister of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs, Government of the Republic of Serbia
Zoran Djordjevic was born in Belgrade on 11 February 1970. He graduated from the School of National Defence on the Advanced Security and Defence Studies Programme. He is finalising his doctoral studies in the field of economic sciences, with emphasis on financial control, management, reporting and audit. April 2019. he became a Doctor Honoris Causa of the RSSU Russian State Social University.  

He obtained his master’s degree in the field of economic sciences – International Banking and Finance, joint programme in English at the Pantenion University, Athens, Greece – Faculty of Social and Political Sciences and Faculty of International Economy, Belgrade. He has been gaining professional experience on leading positions in the area of financial and executive management in eminent national and international companies. He is focussing on international finance and banking, financial control and management, financial reporting and audit. As of 2012 up to the elections for the Minister of Defence in 2016, he was State Secretary at the Ministry of Defence, and since August 2016 he was appointed as Minister of Defence.

President of the Political Council for Gender Equality of the Government of the Republic of Serbia (UN Resolution 1325) and National Armaments Director. Published several papers in leading national and international scientific and professional magazines from the field of economy and finance and several (articles) works in “Military Act” and Journal “Accounting”. He obtained several well-known professional certificates. He is a member of Serbian Mensa Association. He speaks English and Russian language. He is married and has a son and daughter.