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ĐUKIĆ Nikola
President of the Executive Board, UNIQA Non-life Insurance
Nikola Đukić was born on February 28th,1978 in Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He graduated from the Faculty of organizational sciences, University of Belgrade in 2001. He started his professional career at Zepter Insurance in 2002, where he worked until the acquisition by UNIQA Insurance.
Since 2008, he has continued his career within the Sales Department in the position of Expert Associate for sales control, where he laid the foundations for the development of sales plans for all distribution channels, as well as reporting systems and measures for improving the sales results.
He came to the position of the Sales Department Deputy Director in 2011, and soon became the Director of the Strategic Support Department, where he worked until 2014. Nikola actively participated in the development of the UNIQA insurance strategy on the Serbian market with a special focus on sales plans with responsibility for Sales control, education and product development team, as well as Centers for development of voluntary health insurance, casco insurance and travel assistance. Within these teams, special emphasis is placed on engaging in the development of exclusive agencies, service quality management, preparation of sales campaigns, but also product development of all types of insurance and creating measures to improve sales and product profitability, with constant monitoring and market analysis.
Since 2014, he was a member of the UNIQA Serbia Management Board in charge of sales (CSO), and that period was characterized by exceptional results of all sales channels and development of alternative online sales channels. In the above-mentioned period, he successfully completed the merger of UNIQA Non-Life Insurance and Basler Non-Life Insurance Belgrade.
He has been holding the CSO position for 6 years, until January 2021, when, as the Director of the Retail business model, he took over the leadership of this important segment of business in Serbia.
In July 2022, Nikola Đukić has been appointed as a President of the Executive Board of UNIQA Non-Life Insurance Serbia where he will continue to build the success of the company.