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Journalist, TV Pink
Dea Đurđević, born on July 19, 1991 in Belgrade. She completed the Elementary School and the First Economics High School and graduated from the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Belgrade. During her high school and college days, she dedicated herself to acting, reciting and was hired as an assistant referee at the Serbian Basketball Association. After graduating from college in 2014, she began volunteering at TV Pink. She soon became a member of the Newsroom, where she was hired as a reporter on the Morning Program. In the continuation of her career, she hosted the programs "Good Day with Dea and Sarapa", “Morning Program”. Currently, she is a part of the lead tandem of "New Morning with Dea and Sarapa" on TV Pink.

Dea is a member of the Board of Directors of the Belgrade Youth Talent Development Foundation. In her spare time she likes to travel, read books, watch sports events.

In February 2019, Dea, as a pedestrian, was hit by a bus on a sidewalk and she was knocked against  a wall. She suffered multiple grievous body injuries. Doctors said at the time that one in a million people survived such multiple traumas. After that event, she has been particularly involved in citizen safety. Dea is a President of the Association “Let's Be Safe”, which aims to promote a safety culture and education. Dea is active in public forums  regarding the traffic safety, and she is also a motivational speaker, with the aim of influencing citizens' awareness of security in every social field.