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Member of Fiscal Council, Republic of Serbia
Dr Nikola Altiparmakov is an applied macroeconomist serving as a Board Member of the Serbian Fiscal Council. In this role he is responsible for assessing tax policies, including their revenue and distributional effects, analysing the impacts of demographic aging on public finance, foremost public and private pensions, and supporting the modernization of public financial management, including strengthening of the fiscal rules and medium-term budgeting. Before joining the Fiscal Council, Dr Altiparmakov was at the forefront of fiscal and macroeconomic reforms in Serbia over the last two decades, serving as a Debt Analyst in the Treasury, Macro-Fiscal Consultant with the Ministry of Finance, Senior Economist with the Tax Administration, and Advisor to the Minister of Finance on tax and pension policies.
After graduating from the High School of Mathematics and representing Yugoslavia at the International Olympiad in Informatics, Nikola Altiparmakov attended leading international universities. He obtained a Bachelor of Mathematics degree from University of Waterloo, Canada (summa cum laude) and a Master’s degree in Economics from University of Toronto, Canada (cum laude), before earning his PhD in Economics from University of Belgrade. Nikola has also successfully completed a number of professional courses offered by the IMF Institute, International Actuarial Association and International Labour Organization.  He regularly publishes scientific and research papers in leading international and national journals.