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President of the General Meeting of Shareholders, Serbian Railways
Education      Faculty of Security Studies (Faculty of Civil Defense)
Occupation    Economist,  Professor of Civil Defence
Professional experience:
- since 2018., member of the Belgrade Parlament of the Serbian Chamber of Engineers;
- since 2016., member of the Assembly of Belgrade Chamber of Engineers;
- since 2012., President of the Broadcasting Group in the Creative Industry Association of the Serbian Chamber of Engineers;
- since 2011., President of the Assembly of “Serbian Railways” JSC;
- since 2010., Chairman of the Working Group for reform of the “Serbian Railways“ joint stock company;
- 2008-2011., Chairman of the Steering Committee of PE “Serbian Railways”;
- 2007-2009., Director of  “AS MEDIA” Company;
- 1999-2009., Chairman of the Steering Committee of “S MEDIA TEAM” Company, and since 2009., at the position of Chief Consultant within the same company;
- 1998-2000., Minister of Youth and Sports;
- 1998-2006., Chairman of the Steering Committee of CENTER FOR PEACE AND TOLERANCE organization ;
- 1996-2001., President of the Yugoslav Taekwondo Federation;
- since 1994., director and founder of “Radio S” Company;
- 1993-1999., Director General of “S GROUP”;
- 1992-2003., Member of the Federal Council of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia;
- 1990-2007., member of Serbian Parliament;
- 1986-1990., member of the Presidency of the Central Committee of the League of Communists of Serbia;
- 1986-1988., Secretary of the Young Communist League, of Yugoslavia;
- 1984-1986., President of the Youth of Serbia;
- 1883-1984., Secretary of Youth of the Kraljevo Region;
- 1981-1983., director of  DS Kruševac promet;
- 1980-1981., President of Youth of  Varvarin