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Executive Director, ICT Hub & ICT Hub Venture
Kosta is executive director and a partner in ICT Hub and ICT Hub Venture investment fund. Since its founding in 2014, the ICT Hub has grown under his leadership into one of the leading private initiatives in the regional innovation ecosystem. Also, Kosta is one of the pioneers of corporate innovation in the region. Thanks to his initiative, domestic offices of multinational corporations have opened the door for cooperation with technology startups. ICT Hub Venture was established in Belgrade in January 2017. It was the first private fund in Serbia, of which Kosta is the director, with a focus on investments in startups in the early stages of development.  
With the aim to help Serbia become recognised as a leader in specific innovation field, with USAID support, he developed Serbia Innovates project. 

As a scholarship holder of several international organizations and foundations, he gained experience in the USA, the Netherlands, and Israel.