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Country Head Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo* and Montenegro, Takeda
Milena Argirovic graduated at School of Medicine, University of Belgrade. She holds a Postgraduate degree in Neurosciences from Center for interdisciplinary studies in Belgrade, where she has spent 2 years in basic research in neurobiochemistry.
Since 1997. Milena has been working in global pharma corporations. For the last 10 years she is employed in Takeda, a global pharma company with a strong Japanese heritage. In her work at Takeda, Milena is responsible for overall Takeda operations in several non-EU countries, including Serbia. Through company’s special focus in data and digital, she is dedicated to improve patients’ lived experiences and revolutionize the way diseases are treated. In her leadership role in Takeda, she is offering to healthcare systems value beyond products, through different services - including but not limited to various patients’ support programs and digital services, one of them being telemedicine that is fully implemented in Serbian public healthcare as of August 2021 with a strong support of Takeda. 
Through bringing global Takeda experience and partnering with local experts, Milena initiated several projects where usage of technology, especially AI, will contribute to optimize diagnosis and treatment of people living with different conditions, especially in the area of rare diseases.
Milena is acting as a member of Board of Directors of Japanese Business Alliance in Serbia (JBAS) and Head of Healthcare working group within the same association. Through JBAS she is running several important initiatives, one of them being contribution to the work of Coordination Body for Digitalization of Serbian Healthcare. She is also a Board member at INOVIA (Associations of Innovative Pharma Companies) and active member of NALED in various initiatives.
Milena is passionate about people and teams’ development, she is a certified Team Coach from GTCI (Global Team Coaching Institute). Under her leadership Takeda Serbia was awarded with Top Employer Award for 2022.