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ARSIĆ Nebojša
President, Municipality of Medvedja
Nebojsa Arsic, Master of Medical Sciences, was born on August 10, 1967 in Lebanon. He finished elementary and high school in Medvedja and Lebanon as a holder of the "Wolf's diploma" and a student of the generation.
Successfully completed his military service in 1986-1987 as a recipient of the "Suitable Soldier" award.
He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Nis, in 1992 and since January 1993 has been employed at the Leskovac Health Center, OJ Health Center in Medvedja. He completed his specialization in internal medicine with great success in 2004.
In the period 2005-2007. he successfully performed the function of the Manager of the Health Center in Medvedja. During his specialization and after that he is engaged in scientific research work, and in 2006 he successfully completes his Master's studies and defends his master's thesis on "Asymptomatic vein subclavian vein thrombosis in a patient with a permanent pacemaker electrode" and is in the process of developing a doctoral dissertation topic.

He attended a course in echocardiography organized by the Echocardiographic Association of Serbia and was head of the internist department at the Medvedja Health Center.
He was the long-time president of the board of directors of the Special Geyser Rehabilitation Hospital in Sijarinska Banja, where leadership skills and knowledge came to the fore.
He successfully completed in 2011 in Belgrade the Master of Academic Studies of the second degree on the study program Management in the Health Care System and earned the title and academic title of Master Manager in the Health Care System.
He has participated in numerous symposiums and congresses in the country and abroad in the field of internal medicine and cardiology.
By a decision of the Government of the Republic of Serbia dated June 9, 2015, he was appointed President of the temporary body in Medvedja and after the local elections on November 13, 2015, he was elected Mayor of Medvedja. After the expiration of his first term and the 2019 elections, he was re-elected President of the Municipality of Medvedja. During his tenure, he led the municipality with great success, where he and his team received an Academy Award in three areas: human resources, leadership, and community relations. Also, the Municipality of Medvedja took first place in the election for the municipality / city of equal opportunities, organized by the Commissioner for Equality Protection. He is married and has a son.