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Director of the Team for PAR and eGovernment, Office of the Prime Minister of Serbia
Marta is the Director of the Team for PAR and eGovernment in the Office of the Prime Minister of Serbia. Previously, she was Macedonian Minister for ICT and Public Administration, and a C-level executive in several companies in the IT and telecommunication industry. She is considered to be one of the pioneers of the Internet access in the Western Balkans, leading one of the first Internet Service Providers and several cyber security and connectivity initiatives, such as the Balkan Roaming. Marta is an Executive Board Member of the UN framework organization World Summit Awards, and is also serving other international boards. Certified by the United Nations for building national digital innovation ecosystems, she is now advising governments, international organizations and corporations on digital transformation and innovation. BSc. in Electrical Engineering, double MSc. - in Economy and Computer Science, educated at Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, Marta is frequent panelist and speaker on the most prestigious ICT conferences worldwide on topics such as digital transformation, innovation, and eGovernment.