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General Manager, JP Srbijagas
A successful leader with a track record of preparing, presenting and managing the investments in energy and financial sectors. Highly motivated person with ability to develop all aspects of a business. Experienced in converting every opportunity into success. Well networked and highly successful in implementing business strategies.

- Born on 29.11.1967 in municipality Vrbas where he finalize preliminary school and high school in Novi Sad
- He holds degrees both in Electrical Engineering and Economy

- General manager of PE Srbijagas as of 23 October 2008,
- Deputy Charmian of Board of directors - South Stream Serbia AG as of 16 November 2009,
- President of Supervisory board – UGS Banatski Dvor as of 10 February 2010,
- President of Supervisory board – Insurance company SOGAZ a.d.o. as of 11 January 2012,
- Member of Supervisory board – Yugorosgaz a.d.

- Member of Serbian Parliament
- Member of delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization of the Collective Security Treaty
- Member of National committees:    
   1) for defense and internal affairs and
   2) for control of security services
- Member of Presiding committee – EBC Berlin
- Member of Serbian Parliament (2008-2006)
- Member of Regional Parliament Vojvodina (2008-2006); (2006-2004)
- Member of Serbian and Montenegro Parliament (2006-2004); (2004-2001)
- Founder of TV channel MOST Novi Sad
- Vice-president of Regional Government Vojvodina (2001-1999)
- Regional Minister for economy - Regional Government Vojvodina (1995-1999)
- Head of trading department – Jugoplastika company Vrbas (1995-1994)

- Vice president of political party – SPS (Socialistic Party of Serbia)
- President of sport association of Vojvodina
- Member of Board of directors of Football club Red Star Belgrade
- Speaks Russian and understand English language
- Recipient of several awards for the Businessman of the Year in 2010 (the “Visionary of the Year” gold plaque, the “Greatest Humanitarian” in Serbia, “Golden Lighthouse” for the visionary management of the year).