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BAKOČ Aleksandar
Managing Director, Algotech
Aleksandar Bakoc is a entrepreneur and business leader with over 30 years of experience in starting and managing companies. 
Aleksandar founded a number of startup companies in various sectors, including telecommunications, system integration, customer care, IT outsourcing and consulting. He is the founder of Algotech, a company specialized in designing and implementing integrated Customer Care and collaboration solutions. Algotech was established in 1992 and together with 8 other offices in CEE countries holds the position of one of the leading regional Customer Care system integrators.
The portfolio of the companies started by Aleksandar encompasses:
•    Trizma – Founded in 2002, Trizma became the leading regional Business Process Outsourcing company
•    SolvIT Network Serbia – Software Development Company, founded in 2005, for IT management and security solutions and integration
•    Number of Startup companies including: Imverse, eDrive, Teslini Znanjoni, DiVs technology, etc
Aleksandar holds the MSc degree from the Electrotechnical University in Belgrade. He is a member of the Serbian Associations of Corporate Directors and holds one of the most prestigious awards of its kind “Captain Misa Anastasijevic” for Corporate Social Responsibility. Above all, he relentlessly strives to respond to modern-day market challenges, as well as the ever-changing corporate environment in the IT industry.