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Consultant and Methodologist, Ninamedia Research
Mr. Miloš Bešić is Associate professor of the Methodology and Sociology at the Faculty of Political Sciences – University of Belgrade. He is also, Director of the Centre for Scientific and Applied Research at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, Director of the national program of the European Values Study Serbia, as well as Main methodologist in Centre for Democracy and Human Rights (CEDEM) – Podgorica.  Mr. Bešić is researcher and co-owner of Defacto (research agency).

He has twenty years of experience in organizing, managing and realizing researches in the field of social services and public policies, fifteen years of experience in working on evaluation and monitoring on the number of projects, as well as experience in providing capacity building assistance for professional staff and experts in the field of business, employment and social inclusion. Mr. Bešić has extensive experience in the creation preparation and implementation Training Needs Assessments. A track record of over fifteen years of experience as a Team Leader / Technical Manager / Coordinator of projects. Strong record in statistical analysis, particularly for forecasting purposes. Considerable experience in the area of social inclusion of marginalized groups. Considerable experience in developing, monitoring and implementing employment policies. Strong scientific publishing record. Excellent analytical and Report writing skills.