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Executive Director, Belgrade Open School
Milorad Bjeletic is Executive Director of the Belgrade Open School (BOS), one of leading CSOs in Serbia. The BOS develops human resources, improves public policies and strengthens the capacities of the civil, public and business sectors in order to develop a better society based on freedom, knowledge, and innovation.

Experienced project manager of projects on civic society development, capacity building for the EU accession, and regional cooperation, mostly funded as a foreign assistance from the EU, the US, Norway, Sweden and others.

Evaluator of project for social and political change (from proposal to implementation), lecturer, trainer, and consultant at various programmes on multi-sector cooperation (civil, public, business), , decision-making process, social skills, PCM, public policy and advocacy in Serbia and the Western Balkans, for CSOs’ activists, political leaders, and public administration. Edited several publications and collection of papers on various transitional issues: civic participation, EU integration, civil oversight of public spending and anti-corruption, etc.

Beside everyday managerial activities at the BOS, was a member of the Board of the Open Society Foundation Serbia, and chairman of the Sub-board for Education and Youth, and was a member of the Advisory Committee at the Higher Education Support Programme of the OSF London, where evaluated project proposals from the SEE and the former Soviet Union.