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BOAROV Dimitrije
Political and Economic Analyst
Dimitrije Boarov was born at Bečej (Vojvodina) on November 11th 1946.

In 1970 he graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Novi Sad.

His professional journalistic career began in 1971 in the „Ekonomska politika“, a Belgrade weekly, to continue at RTV (Radio and TV Service) Novi Sad.

Dimitrije Boarov is one of the ten journalist-cofounders, in 1990, of „Vreme“, a Belgrade weekly.

Between 2006 and his retirement in 2012 he was on the staff, as Lecturer, at the Department of Journalism of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad.

Currently, he contributes to Belgrade magazines „Novi magazin“ and „Vreme“.
He also writes for the web-site „Peščanik“.

Drawing on his expertise in the fields of economics and politics Dimitrije Boarov has published several volumes devoted to the general history of Vojvodina and economic history of Serbia, a monograph on the renowned Serbian finance minister Dr. Laza Paču, among them.