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Data Scientist, M Data
Manja Bogicevic mission is to help decision makers gain more profit with machine learning insights.

One of the first self-made women data science entrepreneurs in the world, Data Science Mentor at VC fund Faster Capital from Dubai and Data Science Leader and Shareholder at Trounceflow from London. Currently working as a Data Scientist on projects in Marketing, Digital Health,Fintech and Basketball analytics industry.
Currently, pursuing her Micromasters on MIT (field: Data Science & Statistics). I finished MBA (Leader Project)  at Ivey Business School in London, Canada and BA at Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, Serbia.

I am making magic in the Data Science world with Python, SQL, Machine Learning and Tableau.

I am ex-professional tennis player and I have ran 4 half-marathons and marathons in Belgrade.

Interests: Blockchain, Explained AI, Machine learning, extreme sports and travel.