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MMB & Consultant, Ipsos
Srđan Bogosavljević graduated in mathematics, and obtained MsC and PhD in mathematical statistics – he finished all these in the long gone 1974, 1977 and 1980, and has been involved with mathematical statistics ever since.  His first job was in Institute of Statistics where he worked from 1975, and as General Director from 1982 to 1992. He spent one year in Statistics Netherlands as an expert-consultant (1989). Later (from 1993) he became a professor at Belgrade University, as a full time professor for the subjects related to statistics and market research. Since 1997 he has been a CEO of Strategic Marketing, which he established, and since 2009 it has become a part of the leading global research chain – Ipsos. He started TV audience measurement in 1996, and established AGB Strategic Marketing as joint venture with AGB for TV Audience electronic measurement in 2002.  From 2016 he is retired from Ipsos, but still active as consultant to Ipsos, and member of Ipsos International Social Research Board.

From the time when (Ipsos) Strategic Marketing was established in 1997 in Belgrade it has been the largest research company in Serbia  and since 2003 it has also been the largest research company in Western Balkans.  Since 2007, when the award "With full Steam Ahead" was first established for the best research company in Serbia, the company managed by Srđan Bogosavljević has been repeatedly receiving it.   Among the other awards Ipsos Strategic Marketing  got EU aword for tolerance,  “Fight Against Discrimination”, granted in July 2013. In the long list of  the various personal awards - Srđan Bogosavljević was granted  with Serbian “Lifetime Achievement Award” and “Award for the Development of Marketing Thought”.  ”

Srđan Bogosavljević has published more than 400 scientific and professional texts and a huge number of artical and interviews in media and was the head of numerous complex projects locally and internationaly. He was, or still is, a member of editorial boards of several professional magazines (Statistical Review, Economic Trends, MAP, YUJOR…). He was, or still is a member or Chairman of the Council or Executive Committee (Economic Faculty, Belgrade University, Economist…), as well as the member of professional associations (ESOMAR, International Statistical Institute, UOIS, Statistical Society...).  

His main interest is statistical multivariate analysis and modeling, data analysis in general, planning, conducting and analysis of statistical surveys, especially surveys related to media, public opinion and public affairs. Bogosavljević is listed as UNDP, World Bank and EU statistical expert

He was member and Chair of Open Society Institute Board in Serbia for almost 10 year and he was founder and Chair of the Board of Civic Initiative.  He was a advisory board member of OSIFE (Open Society Initiative for Europe)  

Born in 1950 in Belgrade; Serbia