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CEO, UNIQA Insurance
Gordana Bukumirić graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, and is a holder of a Master’s Degree awarded by the Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad, Insurance Actuarial Department.

Her professional career commences at DDOR Novi Sad, a joint stock insurance and reinsurance company, within the Informatics Division, where she is engaged in system design and development of software support to the Insurance Technique. In 2003, she moves to the Personal Insurance Division and specializes in Life Insurance and Actuarial Mathematics. After the Risk Management and Actuarial Division has been established, Gordana steps into the position of Actuarial Department Director.

At the beginning of 2008, Gordana Bukumirić undertakes the position of Life Insurance Department Director at UNIQA Insurance, where she soon expands her scope of responsibility over the entire Personal Insurance Department. During the period, she is in charge of a new product in the market, Voluntary Health Insurance Project, and establishes infrastructure support to successful implementation of the project (the network of preferential health institutions, MedUNIQA Call Center, software support to Voluntary Health Insurance line of business). After the restructuring of UNIQA Group in 2011, she is appointed member of the Executive Committee responsible for the Insurance Technique.  

Gordana Bukumirić takes on the position of President of the Executive Committee of UNIQA Insurance in June 2014.

She is the author of a great number of scientific and professional works dealing with the topics of insurance and actuarial rights.

Mrs. Bukumirić is a winner of prestigious CEO Awards 2017–Entrepreneur of the Year in Eastern Europe, for the Insurance industry.