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Business Development Manager, Danube Competence Centre
For the last 14 years, Boris Čamernik had the chance to work for a number of international development organizations such as National Democratic Institute (US), Canadian Parliamentary Center, UNDP and British Council covering a variety of program areas. His expertise covers development and delivery of organizational and capacity building programs, awareness rising campaigns, parliamentary development, elections, networks and contact management and CSO business development.

Since October 2010, he acts as General Secretary of the Danube Competence Center a regional organization that fosters sustainable tourism development in the Danube region through advocacy at regional, national and European level, initiating and implementing relevant tourism development activities, marketing services and high-quality products and promoting the mutual interests of its 85 members from the public, private and non-governmental sector. The DCC supports initiatives aiming at creation and promotion of the Danube region as a single tourism destination and works closely with partners and stakeholders supporting networks of tourism actors from all Danube countries by enhancing trans- and international cooperation and investing in people and skills.