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CEO, New Energy Solutions
Miloš Colić (1982) is manager of New Energy Solutions since 2012, company which is dealing with development, construction supervision and operations management services of the renewable energy projects.

He started his career in the field of renewable energy sources in 2009 as deputy director in Continental Wind Serbia, part of the U.S. based  company Continental Wind Partners.

Since 2009 he has participated in many projects in the wind energy in Central and Eastern Europe. In Serbia he was leading actively the development of the wind farms portfolio with total capacity higher than 300 MW which represents 80% of the projects in operations and with the investments of almost 600.000.000€.

Besides the development of RES projects, together with his team of experts, he has set up the system of operations management, BOP and maintenance services of electric power plants in renewable energy and now in the field of wind farms they are managing two thirds of the installed capacity in Serbian electro energy system.

He is the member of the Board of Directors of Association OIE Srbija (RES Serbia) and also the vice president of the Group for renewable energy sources in Chamber of Commerce of Serbia.

In the period 2005-2009 he worked for UniCredit (ex HVB) Bank in Corporate credit department and as private banker in the Private banking department.

His profession is bachelor of economics, he is married and has two children.