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CEO, Helbiz Serbia
Katarina Cvetković is the Director of the Helbiz Serbia, only Tech company under the group that she joined in 2019. Her role was pivotal in establishing a Research and Development (R&D) hub for the company. Under her leadership, the office grew to accommodate up to 80 employees. One of her most notable achievements during her tenure at Helbiz was guiding the company to its historic Nasdaq listing, marking it as the first micro-mobility company ever listed on Nasdaq.
As the director, Katarina managed and organized a diverse team across three different business verticals: micro-mobility, food delivery, and media streaming. 

Before her role at Helbiz, Katarina served as a Project Manager and Rector's Business Assistant at Belgrade Metropolitan University (BMU) from 2015 to 2019. As a Project Manager, she actively contributed to numerous international and national projects, securing funding from organizations like Tempus, Erasmus+, CIP, and collaborating with the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technological Development. These projects focused on critical topics such as dual education, part-time and short-cycle studies, and school-to-work transitions for students with disabilities.

In her role as the Rector's Business Assistant, Katarina excelled in event organization, international cooperation initiatives, research, quality assurance, and accreditation processes. Her multifaceted involvement highlighted her ability to manage diverse tasks and drive institutional excellence.

Katarina holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering Management from Belgrade Metropolitan University, and she completed her secondary education with a focus on social sciences at Gimnazija Kruševac, Serbia.