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Acting Director, Science Technology Park Belgrade
Ms. Gordana Danilović Grković has wide experience in fostering the change of the innovation ecosystem of the country by developing programs and organizations that support start-ups, SMEs and technology transfer. She has initiated the first technology incubator in the country BITF (Business Technology Incubators of Technical Faculties) that supported, from 2008 till 2014, establishment and development of more than 45 innovative companies. BITF start-up programs and results made the base for the establishment of Science Technology Park Belgrade, organization that supports start-ups and growing tech companies with the mission to foster technology development of the country and economy based on knowledge with Ms. Danilović as Acting director.   

Science technology Park Belgrade is established in June 2015 through the partnership of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, City of Belgrade and the University with the mission of creating the strong technology core and fostering the innovation development of the Republic of Serbia. STP Belgrade is growing very fast and now there are 70 high tech companies with more than 600 engineers (