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DELIĆ Dragan
Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade
Prof. Dr. Dragan Delić, full professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Belgrade, retired, full member of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the Serbian Medical Association.
He was born in Priština in 1953, where he finished elementary school. He finished high school and graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade.
He worked at the Institute for Infectious and Tropical Diseases since January 1981. He specialized in infectious diseases in 1986 and received a sub-specialty in gastroenterohepatology in 2007. He defended his doctoral dissertation in hepatology in 1992. He was a visiting fellow at the Second Infectious Diseases Hospital in Moscow.
He became an assistant at the Medical Faculty in Belgrade in 1985 and a full professor in 2008. From 2000 to 2004 he was also a professor at the Faculty of Medicine in Podgorica.
He was a lecturer in postgraduate courses in numerous specialties (infectious diseases, emergency medicine, occupational medicine, general medicine, clinical biochemistry, clinical pharmacology, pediatrics etc.), master's degree and sub-specialty of gastroenterohepatology.
He organized and moderated numerous professional meetings, reviewed for international and Serbian scientific journals, participated in scientific projects of the Ministry of Science. He was a principal investigator in ten international clinical studies, supervisor of numerous master's theses, specialty certifications and doctorates, etc.
He was a member of the team for organ transplantation and the president of the Commission for the waiting list at the Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases "Dedinje" (1994-2000).
He has written over 300 published papers, 2 monographs, 7 textbooks and contributed numerous chapters in 22 textbooks.
He is the editor of the monograph "Generation of students of the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade - generation 1972-77" published by the Faculty of Medicine, Belgrade in 2017, as well as the author of the book "Small bells on Serbian medicine and health" published by Helix, Belgrade in 2020.
He was the director of the Institute for Infectious and Tropical Diseases (Clinical Center of Serbia), Assistant Minister of Health, President of the Health Council of Serbia, Director of the Serbian Medical Chamber, President of the Section of Serbian Infectologists, President of the Expert Commission of the Republic of Serbia for Protection of Infectious Diseases, etc.