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DIMIĆ Bogdan
Member, Youth Board, UNICEF Serbia
Bogdan Dimic is a dedicated 4th-year student at Gimnazija "Bora Stanković" in Vranje, demonstrating a profound commitment to activism and volunteerism spanning six years. As an active member of the UNICEF Youth Board, he collaborates with numerous non-governmental organizations to enhance the well-being of young individuals in Serbia. Bogdan's engagement with UNICEF's initiatives has significantly contributed to his global network, establishing valuable connections with fellow activists worldwide. His focus extends to fostering positive change in the realms of youth empowerment, environmental sustainability, human rights, and combating the stigma surrounding mental health. Having actively participated in diverse projects, Bogdan has honed essential skills including project management, public speaking, and effective interpersonal communication. His notable achievements include securing the third position in the state competition for talented students in psychology. Furthermore, he gained valuable insights and 
refined his argumentation skills through participation in the European Debate School.