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President, SBC Privrednik
Zoran Drakulic graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, and started his career at General export in financial and commercial affairs department.
For seven years, he was the Financial Director of a Genex affiliated company Yougo-Arab, one of the first offshore companies to cover business activities in the Middle East.

In 1989 he was working as a Deputy Director in Genex Bank, in charge of contacts with large banks and financial organizations, as well as on special financial and commodity transactions, including the purchase of debts on the secondary markets.
He founded East Point Holdings Ltd in June 1990, based in Cyprus, and then opened subsidiaries and representative offices worldwide (Yu Point in Belgrade, representative offices in Moscow and in ten other countries).
East Point Holdings Ltd was one of the largest companies in the region that invested in Serbia and became the owner or co-owner of several companies in the field of the mill-baking industry, as well as of two factories for the processing of non-ferrousmetals.The company was the region leader in the business of grain trade.
Point Group Int d.o.o. was founded in 2011 in Belgrade and the main activities are the production of wheat and corn flour. It owns mills and silos in Sombor and Backa Palanka, and a factory for the production of coolers and heaters for tractors and buses (owns a factory). Its affiliated company, Bioenergy Point, which is engaged in the production of renewable energy sources. His factory in Boljevac started the production of wood pellets and has become the leader on the Serbian market. Now a new plant for biomass cogeneration is under construction in Boljevac.

Zoran was an active athlete, national pioneer and junior champion in breast swimming, a member of the national swimming team and then the national swimming team coach.

Father of three daughters.