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El Al Adir
CEO, AFI Europe Serbia
Mr. El Al, CEO of AFI Europe Serbia, is part of the team that established AFI Serbia’s real estate activities as impressive business portfolio which has the most successful projects like Airport City – the first business park in Serbia and Skyline Belgrade project – future landmark of Belgrade and Business Garden.

In the capacity of CEO of all these projects Mr. El Al continued developing and marketing exceptional real estate projects bringing new opportunities to local market such as future AFI City Zmaj and new concept of Skyline AFI Home.

A graduate of the Technion University in Haifa, Israel, with a BSc in civil engineer and MBA of London School of Commerce, Mr. El Al gained vast international experience in real estate development project management and construction as well as managing important high scale investment in Belgrade and the region.

During more than twenty years of his international career he worked in Africa/Nigeria, Israel and later, since 2003 in Serbia. As a manager with exceptional rate of success, he became an expert on developing big scale real estate projects on Serbian market.