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GAJIĆ Mihailo
Editor of Economic Content,
Mihailo Gajić is an economist from Belgrade (Serbia) where he has been leading since 2014 the economic research at Libek, dealing with regulatory impact assessent of business regulation, public administration reform and fiscal policy. He is currently also editor of the economic section at the webportal Talas, founded by Libek in 2018. He was member of the Economic Caucus in the National Parliament until 2016, and is currently member of the National Convent on EU on several chapters.
In recent years he took part in several projects adding quantitative brush to the research reports by Belgrade Open School (BOS), Renewables and Environment Regulatory Institute (RERI) and Institute for Industrial Relations. He cooperates with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom on projects regarding economic freedom in the CEE region, and created methodology for the Human Rights Index which measures the level of respect for human rights in Europe. For Liberal International, he developed a self-assessment tool for gender inclusion for political parties.  
He can communicate in English, French, Italian and Japanese; and has opinion columns in the US (The Economic Standard) and the French media (Contrepoints). He is often cited in the leading Serbian media on economic topics.