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Executive Vice President, Product & Innovation for Europe, Mastercard
In this role, he is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of innovative new products in digital authentication, fraud prevention, digital identity, card benefits and reward systems. He also oversees Mastercard’s strategy and consulting efforts across the region.

Milan joined Mastercard in 2005 as an Account Manager, and has subsequently held a number of positions within the company. These include managing the Budapest office as Country Manager and both Budapest and Prague offices as Cluster Manager heading Emerging Payments for Europe. After this, he moved to Dubai where he led product development, marketing and advisory for the Middle East and Africa region. He was then promoted to his current position.

Prior to joining Mastercard, Milan worked on consultancy projects in the banking sector, holding positions at Deloitte Consulting and McKinsey & Company.

Milan also received a Master of Science in Economics from the Budapest University of Economic Sciences.