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News Director, TV Nova S
Journalist based in Belgrade, news director of TV Nova, the most prominent cable network in Serbia. Practicing journalism since 2001, working as reporter for Vreme weekly, one of the authors of Atlas of organized crime in Balkans. Covering organized crime in all areas of Serbian and regional social fabric, specialized in connections between organized crime and sports, trafficking in people, financial frauds, and corruption.

Journalist, programme coordinator, investigative reporter, and editor in BIRN Serbia from 2007 to 2020.

Three times awarded as journalist for the best investigative story. Seven awards as part of the team and editor. Awarded with Stanislav Marinkovic annual award for excellence in journalism.

Participating in dozens of international, regional, and local conferences as speaker, working as journalism trainer occasionally.

Master in Comparative literature and theory of literature at Belgrade university. 

Father of two, happily married. Lives in Belgrade from 1976.