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CEO, Eso Tron
Bojan Gligić is the Chief Executive Officer of the Eso Tron company, which is a leader in the region for the treatment of bio-waste turning it into green energy with a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and a positive impact in the fight against climate change. 

He is an experienced executive in the field of renewable energy, waste management and sustainable development with demonstrated history of providing solutions and strategies for the industry and other business entities in the Republic of Serbia for reducing CO2 emissions and reaching SDG’s.

For over 10 years Bojan was involved in defining and implementing corporate strategy and investment policy, as well as the achievement of business goals in the country and the region for the Eso Tron company, focusing on strategic development of the market, customers and partners.

Bojan holds a bachelor’s degree in operations management from the University of Novi Sad, Serbia. During postgraduate studies he gained expertise in Renewable Power and Electricity Systems at the University of Boulder Colorado in Denver, USA. Bojan also achieved the Expert Certificate in Sustainability and Climate Change from the United Nations System Staff College in Bonn, Germany.

Bojan is a Member of the Assembly of the Chamber of Commerce in Vojvodina, and one of the founders and board member of the Energy Efficiency association in the chamber.

As a CEO of Eso Tron company he is a member of NALED (National Alliance of Local Economic Development) and the associate of NALED Environment Protection Alliance office. Bojan also worked with GiZ (German Chamber for International Co-operation) on developing waste management projects partnered with Eso Tron company. 

Bojan participated in numerous panels and tv broadcasts regarding environment and climate change as an associate for Circular Economy Unit within the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Serbia. For 3 years in a row Bojan was a member of the Chamber of Commerce delegation at Italian Ecomondo exhibition, one of the most significant environment protection events in Europe. He was also a delegate at the Dubai Expo sustainability week in 2021. 

In 2019, team represented by Bojan, won the prestigious United Nations award as part of the project "Local development resistant to climate change", the project was implemented in cooperation with Eso Tron, Ministry of the Environment of Republic of Serbia and the UNDP representative office.

Before establishing career in waste management and renewable energy Bojan used to work in tobacco industry as a Business Builder for “Philip Morris” and in a global fashion retail chain as a Branch Manager in Serbia.

He also developed an innovative AI solution called “Vost Analytics” for analysis of people interactions in commercial areas. In 2021. within “Startech” support program, “Vost Analytics” went into finals among more than 200 applied projects. 

Bojan was born in Zrenjanin, Serbia, he is married and have one son. His professional inspiration is tackling climate change by implementing renewable energy enhancement. His activities so far managed non-hazardous treatment of 60.786,00 tons of waste which therefore saved 42.550,00 tons of CO2 and such amount of savings is equivalent to performance of 646.221 trees.