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Co-Founder, TeleGroup
Having developed fruitful career in UN and aero and telecommunication industry abroad (Bell Helicopters), she has implemented the experience and knowledge into building successful IT Solution Provider and telecommunication company that has grown into the industry leader of Serbia, her home country, as well as the European and Middle East markets.

The Sorbonne University M.Sc. degree in Sociolinguistics and MBA in Marketing and Management from the University of Pennsylvania, USA have enabled her to build a successful team that set the trends and influenced the professional advancement of the industry as a whole.

Fluency in five languages, as well as technical education (“College of Technology” in London) and the knowledge of CRM empowered her to communicate on behalf of the company to the highest level of decision makers globally, as well as influence and advocate better terms for doing business with Western technical giant companies for the whole region of Western Balkans.

TeleGroup became the technological leader by prioritizing the advanced technological solutions in its portfolio.

Diana Gligorijevic took an active role in society building. Corporate Social Responsibility is the vital part of the company’s vision and strategy. As a very active member of NGOs, Mrs. Gligorijevic strongly supports „Equal opportunities “, „Women Leaders Club” and „Serbian Association of Business Women “, for which she has been recognized with numerous awards.

She holds the seat in prestigious Executive and also ICT Board of Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, American Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Executive Board of “Poslodavac” association.