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Founder and President, TeleGroup
Milomir Gligorijević is the founder and President of TeleGroup Company.
His long and successful career in telecommunications developed through his personal creativity and participation in realization of many significant projects, being on the leading position of distinguished ICT companies. Among the most important Projects are: building of the first fiber optic infrastructure in former Yugoslavia, foundation of the first company specialized for internet service providing – BeotelNet, foundation of the first CATV provider – company Telefonija KDS, from which today’s company SBB originated.

At the beginning of 1990, he established in Great Britain, a private technological company – TeleGroup Limited, which later gave a successful off-spring to daughter companies TeleGroup Banja Luka, TeleGroup Beograd, TeleGroup Sarajevo, TeleGroup Montenegro, TeleGroup Germany, Teamenergo, TeleGroup Finance, TG SEC, All Control and from last year, we extended our business on Slovenian market by establishing company Diagram in Ljubljana. Today, TeleGroup System is proud to have more than 500 employees. TeleGroup company is a shareholder of JUBMES Bank ad Beograd.

He graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Belgrade University.

He is also very active in sports – being federal football referee, football instructor and controller, president of Partizan Chess Club, twice chosen for member of Management Board of FC Partizan, member of FC Partizan Assembly for more than 20 years.