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President, Chamber of Economy of Montenegro
Vlastimir Golubović is the President of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro, now in the fourth year of his mandate. He occupied this position after almost three decades of work in the business sector and following over two decades of holding responsible positions in the Chamber bodies.  

In 2018, his extensive chamber experience brought him to become a member of the Managing Board of the Western Balkans Six Chamber Investment Forum. Furthermore, the results he achieved, through the joint participation of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro and its partner chambers, in the broader political and economic initiatives, recommended him as a member of the Board of the Vienna Economic Forum - since February 2021.

Today, Golubović has 40 years of professional experience, which, after graduating from the Faculty of Economics, included also the work in the public administration as well as in the majority state-owned companies.

In addition, it has been 30 years since he is in business, as a founder and the president of the successful company Veletex, the portfolio of which includes trade, tourism and agriculture.  

Vlastimir Golubović, as he often points out, is very proud of his progress in the Chamber of Economy, where, before becoming the President of the Chamber, he held almost all managerial positions - from the president of the Association Board; through a member of the Managing Board, to the President of the Chamber Assembly for two terms.  

He is married and a father of two children.