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General Manager, Roche
Ana Govedarica graduated from the Medical School in Belgrade, where she specialized in gynecology & obstetrics. Her career started in University Hospital for Gynecology “Narodni Front” where she started her specialization and spent time focused on surgery. She joined Roche in 1994 where she gained valuable work experience through different positions. Her career progressed rapidly and she gained experience in different therapeutic areas. Ana acquired additional education at the prestigious European schools - INSEAD and London Business School while in 2020 she attended a Leadership Education Program at the Geneva Graduate Institute, government-accredited postgraduate institution of higher education. End of last year, she has been elected as a Member of the Board of Directors of the Foreign Investment Council. During her work in Roche, she received numerous international awards for successful completion of important projects which were recognized and used as group standards and examples of best practice. From 2011, she is holding the position of General Manager in Roche d.o.o.

Ana is very active in shaping healthcare environment in Serbia through strong engagement in various activities related to health and economy as well as through her roles within important professional business associations.She is Vice-President of Swiss Serbian Chamber of Commerce and member of INOVIA (Association of Innovative Drug Manufactures) Board.

Passion for change management led her to design and execute several change management and strategic transformation programs, aiming to increase organization’s effectiveness and performance. Being people leader for more than 15 years positioned people development and engagement as priority and integrated part of her business agenda. Roche Serbia employee engagement score is for many years in the row strongest in the region and one of the highest on the Group level. She is proud of developing more than 15 young talents for Roche regional and global positions.

She is mother of two sons, dedicated wife and passionate for empowering people in achieving their personal and professional satisfaction.