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CEO, World Academy of Art and Science
Garry Jacobs is an American author, researcher and consultant on business management and economy. He is Chief Executive Officer of the World Academy of Art & Science, and co-chair of the Academy’s international working group on Human-Centered Economic Theory. He is also Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of World University Consortium; full member of the Club of Rome International; Managing Editor of Cadmus Journal on economics, education, international security and global governance; Professor of Transdisciplinary Studies at Institute for Person-Centered Approach, Italy; and Vice-President of Mother’s Service Society (MSS), an educational and social science research institute in India.

The integrating theme in Jacobs’ work is consciously applying the process of growth and development as it expresses at the level of the individual, organization, nation and the global community. Jacobs is founder of Mira International, a management consultant to businesses in Europe, North America and Asia on strategic growth and profitability. His consulting work focuses on strategies to accelerate growth in revenue and profits for business and stimulate faster economic growth and job creation.

Jacobs is co-author of two books on business management. The Vital Difference: Unleashing the Powers of Sustained Corporate Success, published by American Management Association in English and in seven foreign languages, is based on studies of highly successful, multi-billion dollar companies, including Apple Computers, Bata Shoes, Coca Cola, Delta Airlines, Dupont Chemicals, General Mills, IBM, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, Marriot, Merck  and  Sears. In a foreword to the book, the founder of modern Management, Peter Drucker, wrote “This book is filled with profound insight – indeed wisdom.” The Vital Corporation: How American Companies Large and Small Double Profits in Two Years or Less, is based on the authors’ consulting work & research in over 30 fast-growing companies in North America, Europe & Asia, including Federal Express, Linear Technologies, Bajaj Auto and a host of mid-size companies.

Jacobs is principal editor of Uncommon Opportunities: Agenda for Peace & Equitable Development, report of the International Commission on Peace & Food to the UN, which focused on strategies to accelerate the economic transition in Eastern Europe in the early 1990s. He also co-authored a report to the Government of India on an agriculture-led strategy to create 100 million jobs, which was adopted as official policy. His research and consulting experience includes a wide range of projects to promote agricultural and industrial development. In addition Jacobs has published books on Indian development, a novel on business growth, and more than 150 academic articles on a wide range of subjects including business, economics, education, social development, governance and international security.