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Co-Founder and CEO, Beorol
Education: Faculty of Economics, Belgrade University, class of 1995

1996-1997 working at Centrocoop doo company

1997 god establishment of Beorol as a sole proprietorship for trading

2000 - estabishment of Beorol as a limited liability company for production of paint rollers and paint brushes

2000 - god diversification into hand tool trading

2012 - First wholly owned subsidiary opened in Bosnia and Herzegovina 

2014 - Acquisition of a plastic production company

2014 - Opening of wholly owned subsidiaries in Montenegro and North Macedonia

2016 - Acquisition of an adhesive tape production company 

2017 - Opening of wholly owned subsidiaries in Hungary and United Arab Emirates 

2018 - Opening of wholly owned subsidiaries in Russia and Romania, where international expansion starts.

At present day, Beorol Group has 9 wholly owned subsidiaries in foreign countries, and exports to more than 50 countries world wide.

I am a mother of two daughters.