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Owner and Director, Inmold Plast
Goran Janković is the owner of the family-owned company Inmold Plast d.o.o Požega, founded in 2006. The main business activity of the company is production of high-quality molds for the injection of plastic packaging and technical parts. In addition to molds, Inmold company manufactures IML robots.

As a young bachelor of sciences in mechanical engineering, he started his career more that 30 years ago at Prvi Partizan company in Užice. After this, in 1994, together with his business associates he founded ATM, a plastic packaging injection company.

Using his many years of experience, he helped Inmold establish itself as a supplier mostly to foreign markets: Germany, Poland, Russia, Norway, Denmark, Tunisia, Nigeria, Israel, etc.

Goran’s decades of striving to establish INMOLD PLAST as equal to European companies resulted in its participation at the K Show 2019 in Dusseldorf, a leader when it comes to exhibitions in the field of plastics industry, as the only participant from Serbia.

He was among the first in Serbia to recognize the importance of dual education and digitalization and some of the employees today are actually the pupils who successfully went through the dual system of education realized through cooperation of INMOLD PLAST with the Technical School in Požega. The average age of employees is only 28 years.

Company INMOLD PLAST, at the initiative of its owner has had very succesful cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade for many years, and it is now planning various activities and further cooperation with the goal of starting a new study program at this faculty - Industry 4.0.

Goran and INMOLD PLAST are the recipients of numerous awards and accolades, some of them being:

14.4.2017. – "Socially Responsible Business" award in the category of small enterprises for 2016.

16.6.2017. - "Business Partner 2017" as the best company in the field of plastic packaging molds and IML robots production.

14.11.2018. – Recipient of the Danube Business Forum award for selfless contribution to the students of technical schools and technical universities.

The owner’s strategy, as well as of the company itself, is to expand the business activities on the existing markets, as well as to the Americas, for which he expects great support and contribution from his successors who, after completing their education abroad, decided to dedicate themselves to building and expanding the family business.