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Director and Owner, Inmold Plast
Goran Janković, the owner and director of Inmold Plast, has a degree in mechanical engineering, is a manufacturing enthusiast and a great visionary. After a career in a state-owned company, he started a private business as a partner in 1994. In 2006, he became independent and founded the family company Inmold, which in the past 16 years has become a world-renowned company in the plastic packaging industry and grows by an average of more than 30 percent annually.
The main activity of the Inmold Plast company is the production of high-quality molds for injection molding and production of automation lines. Inmold's specialty are injection molds for thin-wall packaging. In addition to molds, Inmold also manufactures world-class IML robots.
In 2011, Inmold Plast started a training program for children of high school age, for the needs of its production process, primarily due to the lack of skilled workers in the toolshop. Inmold's school today is an example of good practice in staff development.
Goran's wife and four children are also fully committed to the development of the company.