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CEO, MK Group
Mihailo Janković has been Chief executive officer of MK Group since 1 January 2021. He has extensive experience in the field of business and strategic transformation of companies, which enables their sustainable growth and business development. Together with the Top Management of MK Group, he is involed in defining and implementing corporate strategy and investment policy, as well as achieving business goals in the country and the region.

Mihailo has gained his rich leadership and managerial experience during 2 decades of work with leading multinational companies - British American Tobacco, The Coca-Cola Company, Knjaz Miloš a.d., as well as for companies owned by private investment funds. He has joined MK Group from the position of the General Manager of the regional company Nectar Group.

In the course of his career, he was also a member of the management boards of professional business associations and non-profit organizations in Serbia. In 2019, he was named "Manager of the Year" by the Serbian Association of Managers. He draws business inspiration from the constant improvement of business, human development, business transformation and turnaround management, which are the fields that have characterized Mihailo's career so far.