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Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Žiška
I’m a manager, a creative, a strategist, and a digital expert. I’m more persistent than smart. I’ve written thousands of unpublished pages and pubbliehd 250 episodes of the 37th most listened podcasts in Serbia. I’m a former debater, rugby player, and dancer.

I love my job. I could have done many other things, but I'm glad I ended up here. I got into advertising because I really wanted to create things and now I get to do that every day. I love that comms are hard to define, full of nuances. I still get excited about creative work, even when it’s just an branded Instagram post. 

I was lucky to start my carrer in advertising just when digital marketing was beginning to get off the ground in Serbia. My co-founder, Miloš and I were always full of ideas about where advertising should be heading in Serbia so it only made sense to create our own agency in 2016. 

We’re now a shockingly young, diverse team of creatives, managers, producers, videographers and designers. We’re probably the fastest growing creative agency operating in the Serbian market. We have a different approach to brands, we love geeking out comms and creative work in general.