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Vice President Legal Affairs and Asset Protection, Delhaize Serbia
Milana Jević Gledović is a Vice President of Legal Affairs and Asset Protection, as well as a member of the Executive Board of Delhaize Serbia. With a Master degree in Law, she pursued a career in Germany and Serbia, and gained her LLM degree at the prestigious Humbolt University in Berlin on competition and commercial law. She began her career at the largest retail chain in the country eight years ago, where she has been part of a strategic team that strives to create a positive business climate, as well as an environment that will stimulate all businesses in the country. Delhaize Serbia is one of the largest employers in Serbia, which, by operating sustainably and responsibly, brings high standards of business to the Serbian market every day. Milana Jević Gledović is in charge of legal affairs, asset protection, product quality and integrity, sustainable business, and corporate communications.