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Founder and CEO, Luna Fashion House
Biljana Jovanović is the founder and general manager of LUNA Fashion House from Požarevac, which has been building an internationally successful brand of sophisticated and high-quality women's business and formal clothing for over three decades.

In addition to the development of LUNA, Biljana has been building an extremely successful career as a top manager and female entrepreneur for decades, a lady who in the last 30 years has won countless awards, recognitions and diplomas in the field of entrepreneurship, management, leadership, people and process management. LUNA is not only a fashion brand, but an international company that develops people and teams and is a leader in the region of Southeast Europe. LUNA as an international brand that operates successfully in 5 markets, with technological equipment of the most modern generation.

Today, LUNA operates according to all world standards in the market of the region and Europe, developing a unique model of concept store stores with over 20 facilities, in addition, simultaneously developing the concept of franchise business of the LUNA brand and wholesale channel with over 50 associates who build their business with the LUNA fashion brand.

Biljana is a lady who is an inspiration and role model to everyone around her, a lady who constantly motivates her employees and all associates and who carries in her an inexhaustible driving force. Biljana, in addition to extraordinary business success and an incredible number of awards, is a proud mother of two amazing daughters.