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Co-Founder and CEO, Smart Watering Solutions
Born in Loznica in 1991, completed the Grammar School in Mali Zvornik. Graduated in Electric Engineering and IT Sciences from the Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad. 
As a 4-year scholarship beneficiary of the largest Novi Sad-based IT company, Schneider Electric DMS, he joined the company after graduation and worked for it 2.5 years.

While working for SE DMS, he set up his own hazelnut orchard in the home village and thus came up with an idea to create the Smart Watering startup, a app helping fruit producers to automate drop-by-drop irrigation systems, using sensors and the mobile app. 
This idea was recognized a having huge potential from early on and the Smart Watering team was rewarded as the best Serbia agro-tech startup in 2017, at the Future Agro Challenge contest. He and his team participated in the global Future Agro Challenge in Johannesburg in 2018. 
He won the Youth Heroes Award for entrepreneurship of the EXIT Foundation and NIS a.d. in 2018.
In the last 4 years, he has been leading a team of software and agribusiness engineers in Novi Sad, with an aim of enabling smart and autonomous irrigation for every farmer. 
An entrepreneur by spirit, loves books, nature and cycling. Married, with 2 daughters.