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JOVOVIĆ Aleksandar
Professor, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade
Born in Belgrade on May 12, 1966, where he finished elementary and secondary school (XIV Belgrade Gymnasium). He graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade in 1992, where he obtained his MSc degree in 1996 and his PhD degree in 2002. He was promoted to full professor in 2012. 
Besides teaching on all study levels, he gave lectures for MSc and PhD studies as part of the cooperation of the Faculty with the NTNU, Trondheim, as well as with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Kraljevo. So far, he mentored 166 BSc and Master theses, 6 MSc and PhD theses and promotions to degrees with the University of Belgrade, Kragujevac, Novi Sad, Banja Luka, Eastern Sarajevo and Maribor. He is one of the founders of the Accredited Laboratory for Process Engineering, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection.
Scientific research and engineering work cover the field of emissions of pollutant components from industrial and energy facilities, waste thermal treatment, GHG emissions and renewable energy sources, with following results:
•    5 monographies (author or co-author), several textbooks and chapters in monographies of national and international significance 
•    Published 29 scientific publications in international journals referenced in ISI/SCI list; quotation rate is 214 with h index 7 (SCOPUS, 01.06.2021.), and many other international and national journals and conferences, as well as in daily and weekly newspapers and magazines on engineering issues and science popularisation 
•    Member of scientific and organisational boards of congresses and conferences, in particular, of the World ISWA Congress 2016 and co-editor of thematic issue of the Waste management and research magazine
•    Participation in realisation of 16 international teaching and researching projects (HERD, TEMPUS, EUREKA, FP7, H2020, COST actions), out of which he was coordinator of 3 and participant in realisation of other projects financed by the Ministries of science and technological development and international institutions. 
•    Participation or coordination of more than 300 projects and researches arising from direct economic cooperation, where many of these projects were derived from and resulted in significant improvements of production processes and technologies. 
•    Gave lecture upon invitation from the SANU, AINS, Engineering Chamber, Commercial Chamber of Belgrade and Serbia and University of Maribor, Slovenia.  
•    Reviewer for 27 journals mainly referenced in ISI/SCI list, for international and national conferences, books, textbooks, monographies, international, bilateral and national projects etc.
He is the chairman of the Process and environmental engineering chair at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.
He is the president of Academic Council of Technical Sciences at the University of Belgrade.
He is president of Society of process engineering of Serbian Union of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.
He is the member of the Man and Environment Academy Board of the SANU, Serbian Scientific Society, Scientific Field Committee for regulation, protection and use of waters, air and ground, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy Council, and also of the Advisory Council of the Cleaner Production Centre. He held the position of the President of the Council of the Faculty, member of the Council of the University, member and president of the Assembly of the IMS Institute, member of the Scientific Council of the National Science Fund. He is the technical expert of UN Framework Convention on Climate Changes (UNFCCC), member of Roster of experts of Stockholm Convention, and National expert for cleaner production.
International cooperation activities included Organisation of acceptance of the University in Belgrade in the University Alliance of Silk Road (UASR), which was the basis for acceptance of the technical group of the University of Belgrade (through the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering) in the Energy Sub-Alliance in University Alliance of the Silk Road, China.
In management activities, he is the founder of the Association for Management of the Solid Waste, and founder of the Project for establishment of the National body for determining consequences of the NATO strikes. He is the President of the Commission Z183 for circular economy and waste management and member of the A207 Commission for Environmental protection management systems of the Institute for Standardization. Also, he is the member of the Work group 15, Energy, of the EU National Convent. He is permanent member of the technical commission for environmental impact studies of the Republic, Province, City of Belgrade and several local self-governments. He was a member of the first technical commission of the Ministry and of the Provincial Secretary of the Environment, for issuing of integrated permit for industrial plants.  
The charter on the recognition of exceptional contribution to the process engineering was awarded to him by the Society for process engineering of SMEITS in 2015, and in 2019 he was declared as a deserving member of SMEITS.