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President of the Executive Board, Postal Savings Bank
Mr Bojan Kekic born on 20 February, 1962 in a banking family (his parents had over 50 years of banking experience), graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Belgrade University started his banking career in Pozarevacka Banka as a trainee and got to the position of the president of the Council, perfecting his skills in AIK Bank to successfully apply his wide experience gained over the yearsconfirmedthrough various exams among which the professional exam for performing banking operations with the Association of Banking Organizations of Belgrade and the master’s thesis on ″Payment Cards Business Model in the Function of the Integral Management″.
In December 2014, Mr Kekic was appointed a member of the Executive Board of the Postal Savings Bank and in November 2016 the president of the Board. Owing to his professional management aimed at an articulated government interest in the state-owned bank, in 2017 the Bank covered the loss declared at the end of 2016 and achieved significant results cooperating actively with the IMF and the World Bank allin accordance with the Conclusion of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the supervision of the Ministry of Finance.
He contributed to a major expansion of the network and the introduction of new products and services in order to attract new clients keeping theexisting ones. He signed the agreement on strategic cooperation at the 6th CEEC-China Summit, established cooperation with financial and non-financial institutions of PR of China, the Fund of the Hungarian Government ″Prosperitati″ (recommended by the National Bank of Serbia), the Serbian Academy of Science and Art, as well as the Volleyball Association of Serbia.
Owing to his activities, the Bank received the ″Sustainable Development Leader“ award at the scientific-professional conference ″The Danube Business Forum″.
Besides banking, his experience also covers the economy and the public sector. He is the Deputy of the President of the Parliament of Businessmenat the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce.